Not just in Bangladesh, Many countries around the world have been complaining on Twitter since yesterday that nothing can be posted and shared.

It is learned that not only Facebook but also Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp have been causing global problems until last Wednesday and Thursday.

Facebook authorities made the statement 24 hours after the problem. They apologize to its users worldwide.

Facebook authorities said the technical service had disrupted Facebook service from Wednesday to Thursday. Now it has been fixed. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and appreciate everyone’s patience.

Facebook authorities also explained why the service had been interrupted for the past two days.

They said the problem was mainly due to a change in the server configuration. Already the problem has been resolved. However, in some regions, crutches can be seen. But there is nothing to worry about. Because in the new configuration the whole system will gradually normalize.

However, the British media Independent has said differently.

It was Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, the media reported. In the United States, public holidays are announced during the day. Also, many countries in Europe, including Canada, Latin America, celebrate the day. Millions of users exchanged greetings on Facebook on Wednesday and Thursday. Emoji, timeline floating on a sticker. The server is down, and Facebook is downright unable to take such loads.

That effect came in many countries in Asia, including Bangladesh. Many users in Bangladesh have complained of not using Facebook since the evening. Many could not share posts or messages. The pictures could not be posted on Instagram as well. Facebook Messenger users couldn’t even inbox properly.

However, since Friday, the services of Facebook, Instagram have started to return to normal.


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